Story Time:

It’s the middle of winter. A man sits alone in his cabin in front of his fireplace clutching a pile of wood in his arms. As his sits there, angry and cold, he screams, “I’ll give you some wood when you start giving me some heat!”

When you compare what this man is doing to looking for a job it doesn’t benefit you very much to expect what you think you are entitled before you have to put in some work. When I first heard this story and connected it to the idea of business networking, it made perfect sense to have the mindset of “giving before you receive”. Sometimes the direct route is not as easy to take when trying to reach your goal. Every so often you have to take quite a few side routes and detours to get where you want to go.

Sometimes I think about what Chris Rock said in his movie Pooty Tang whenever I tell my oldest son that he needs to learn how to give before he can get what he wants. “You have to give respect, to get respect, Pooty!” I tell him if he wants that new Mario game he needs to start showing me some A’s on his test scores. This rule is applied in everything you want to achieve in life.

The Breakfast Club NJI recently attended The Breakfast Club NJ’s business networking meet up group on September 12th, 2015 in East Brunswick, NJ where executives of all disciplines: IT, Finance, Accounting, Communications, Human Resources get together with a common focus to assist each other in pursuing new employment opportunities, tackling the challenges of their current positions, and providing a support network to each other. This was my first attendance and it was great meeting everyone for the first time. The group is comprised of well over 4,000 members who are looking to help better their own career opportunities as well as support others who are looking for the same.

I was one of the first to speak and do an elevator pitch about myself so I introduced THiNK Creatively and presented the services that my company offers and how it can help those in need of creative services. Before I could even take my seat the host asked to speak with me after the event. I am now connected with him on LinkedIn and he has connected me with someone he believes can use my services.

Before I attended this meet up I spent countless hours trying to market my business on social media and promotional ads. After a few weeks I begin to feel the frustration of not getting anywhere so I decided to try something new. I’m glad I went to this event even though it didn’t seem like it might help much, but after it was over I was already connected with at least 3 individuals who remembered who I was and what I offered. This is the power of Networking.

Sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone and what you are used to in order to reach your goals. I’m learning everyday that networking is a great method to do that. That’s why whenever I meet new people, I get as much information about them as I can and then start to assess first, how I can help this individual and second, how they can help me, either as a client or as a favor. Either way, keeping in contact with as many different people as you keep will keep you on their radar and will remember you when they are in need.