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Shamar Armstrong, owner and creator of THiNK Creatively, is a graphic designer, programmer, and visual communicator.

Networking: The Art of Giving

Story Time:
It’s the middle of winter. A man sits alone in his cabin in front of his fireplace clutching a pile of wood in his arms. As his sits there, angry and cold, he screams, “I’ll give you some wood when you start giving me some heat!”

When you compare what this man is doing to looking for […]

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In this world there are 7 levels of Genius, so which one are you?

We’ve all known of the one kid in school who everyone considers to be a genius, but just how smart are they really? Are they on the level of Einstein? Bill Gates? Stephen Hawking? How about Michael Jordan, or Bob Ross? Jay-Z, even? All of these people mentioned are considered to be a genius in some way and you’ll […]

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Steal, Steal, and Steal Some More!

Imitation is the greatest form of Flattery…
…Is what they say. And they are right! Copy and Pasting, Duplicating, Mirroring, Borrowing, Recycling… all of these are alternate forms of Stealing. But that’s OK!  Sometimes in order to meet deadlines of a very specific need, it is common practice to reuse a template or format that was previously done. No […]

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Your website and your car have a lot in common. What?

You heard right.
Your website AND your car have a lot more in common than you may think. Simply put, they are both vehicles with a purpose. Both get you where you need to go and they both need maintenance and upkeep from time to time.

Everyone knows what a website is, but not everyone knows how to use […]

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